So, what does a well written CV Personal Statement look like?  What does a well written CV look like.  Our website can show you point by point the differences between a good CV and a bad CV.  We can tell you when your CV Personal Statement will impress the professionals or when it’ll put your employer to sleep.  Our company provides services and utilities for your benefit in writing an excellent CV and CV Personal Statement.

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Poorly Written CV Personal Statement

In this first example, we will go through the basics of what our team of experts can show you.  I will show you a poorly written CV Personal Statement.  This CV Personal Statement could possibly be close to someone’s actual CV Personal Statement as these are things that a lot of people might not be thinking about.  Here is the example:

I work well in a team and I believe I have excellent communication skills.  My job interest include nursing.


Now, this CV Personal Statement has everything wrong with it, but a few examples are very important to point out.  The first huge mistake is in the first line.  The mistake isn’t in grammar or spelling but rather in content.  Saying anything along the lines of “working well in a team” or “being a team player” will put your employer to sleep.  These are terms that do not make you seem professional but rather like a common worker.  You sound like an advertised computer program.  The next big example lies within the second sentence.  Many people may not put it that blandly but will say things like “I would like to go into nursing.”  This is extremely vague and will make you blend in with everyone else who  “would like to go into nursing”.  What kind of nurse would you like to be?  Would you like to eventually become a doctor?  Why does nursing interest you?  These are all things that people can include easily within the same sentence but just don’t think about.  Our team can help.

A Well Written CV Personal Statement

We will now go over what a well written CV Personal Statement looks like.  Our team can show you how to make your CV look like this example.  Well written, organized, and highlighting all of your CV.  Your CV Personal Statement should want to pull people in,  and we can help you.  Here is the example

I have experience working in management and sales. I believe in the importance of commercial awareness which led to my interest in trying to get a job in commercial business. My current skills from past jobs include collecting data, problem solving in the work environment, and I am able to work in deadlines. If I am placed in any new opportunities I am more then happy to learn new skills as required by me.


This CV Personal Statement is excellently written.  It uses professional terms, is organized, and gets your message across.  While this CV Personal Statement does lack in personality, it is again an example of what we can do to transform your CV Personal Statement.

Our CV Personal Statement Experts

Now that you’ve seen the difference between a well written CV Personal Statement and a poorly written CV Personal Statement you can grasp of how our experts can help you.  With the removal of the generics seen in the samples our team can go so much deeper into your actual first draft of your CV Personal Statement and make it into something excellent.  Our team provides more then just examples,  we provide solutions.

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