Every student tries there best to get a prestigious job right after they have finished school, but it can be a very difficult, stressful, daunting process to do so. Students who are fresh out of college and university still have a couple of things to learn, which is learning the ways of the CV.

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It’s very common to construct a resume for fresheners, especially because they are easily crafted when compared to composing a professional CV. The question here, is whether to write or not to write a CV. It’s ultimately up to the student to decide whether or not, but it’s no secret that a professional, well written CV will impress any HR, interviewer and employer. When it comes to a student’s CV library, they can fill in the gaps between time by listing or partaking in some volunteer work. This always looks good on both resumes and CV’s.

When it comes to creating a graduate student cv, however, follow these simple steps to create a masterpiece:

how to write a student cv

  • List the following to tailor it to the position you’re applying for, so have your most relevant sections first and your least relevant following.
  • List your research, education, organizations and your previous work that is most relevant to the position that you are applying for.
  • List the skills that you developed over time that are relevant, as well as your contributions, volunteer work and significant achievements, but ensure that all of them are somewhat relevant.
  • Craft your CV by organizing all of these sections in Times New Roman, Calibri or Ariel in a font size of 10 to 12.
  • Keep your CV at least 2 pages long, but the true length will depend on what you’re listing.

Writing a CV from scratch can be difficult and will require you to really wrack your brain, so if you are unable to do so because of your schedule, for example, you may want to consider using a professional writing service that will write a cv for student for you.

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